Corporate Design for optoVision

One of our most extensive corporate design projects was preceded by several strategy workshops. On this basis, we developed a new logo for optoVision, found a new typeface and made detailed typographic modifications.

Corporate design

Marketing Portal

optoVision's marketing portal is a central portal for contents,
advertising material and product orders for all campaigns.
Advertising materials can be designed or adapted and exported
as PDF files for printing.


To portray the production location 'Made in Germany',
we have produced extensive image material on the
manufacturing process of spectacle lenses and used
it in the corporate communications.

The key visual, the skyline of Frankfurt,
was produced with a drone.


optoVision is a successful spectacle lens manufacturer with
its headquarters and production in Langen, Germany. It is a
technologically leading medium-sized company in the optical
industry. All administrative and operational functions, including
one of the most advanced production facilities in the world,
are combined at the location in Langen.