Change-Management Design

Change processes within a company
can be successfully designed through
strategic change management.
The key to effective implementation
of change is the communication
of goals and well-planned measures
and concepts.

Create acceptance

through targeted communication!

The better the desired solution can be
understood and comprehended in
your company, the higher the acceptance
for the change – because change
processes often fail due to inadequate
or ineffective communication.

That is why it is important to illustrate
and record the solutions not only verbally
but also graphically.

A clear presentation avoids
misunderstandings and possibly rejection.

We illustrate new processes and
organisational structures for you.
These can be used in presentations,
concept papers and videos.

More overview

especially for all involved and
affected parties.

Graphics used to illustrate IT- or
organizational structures and
their changes are often too
technical, unclear and therefore

Very few employees and managers
can or want to learn about the
future of their work in this way. The
solution is information graphics
that can be read at different levels.
Large contexts read like an executive
summary, but at the same time
thedetails for all departments are

Since change communication
affects many employees, executives
and external parties, web tools are
helpful for exchanging information –
even in the home office.

Your benefit: Better exchange
between departments (HR, IT,
Finance, ...), Information from
C-Level to details for the individual

Change is attractive

Changes within a company are often
accompanied by skepticism. Particularly
in the case of intangible products such
as software or IT processes, there is often
a lack of clarity, which in turn leads
to a lack of understanding and rejection.

Unimaginative process graphics make the
processes themselves appear uninspired.
Therefore, it is important to present the
processes and information in an appealing
and understandable way.

With clear communication, acceptance and
commitment to embrace change increases.
Therefore, companies should not only
shine in external communications, but also
communicate the attractiveness of the
process to their employees – because they
are the most important resource.

Your advantage: communication is given a form
appropriate to the relevance of the project.

Illustrate the vision

At the end of change is a vision.
The more vivid this vision is, the more
comprehensible the path to it will
be. We help you illustrate this vision.

Your advantage: pictures are
remembered more easily and have
a greater impact in presentations
than verbal descriptions.

The video message

Addressing employees directly is
an organizational challenge that
cannot be implemented quickly.
Video messages on your intranet are
a good alternative. We produce
your film on your premises or in our

Advantages: personal approach,
quickly produced


The key to successful change management
is visibility. Especially due to the relevance
of change processes, this requires more
than a logo created at short notice or an
unnoticed change behind closedb doors.

Rely on appropriate change communication,
show the progress (dashboards), create
visibility for project staff (branding of project
rooms, video messages). Even a small effort
creates a big impact.

Our support

We will support you throughout the entire
management process – from the initial vision
to the successful implementation.

We are particularly focused on understanding
the overall project in depth in order to
develop coherent information graphics and
communication tools tailored to your company.

During the course of the change project the
graphics are continuously updated by us and
form the basis for your change communication.

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