1. Consulting and Planning

During the planning phase, we open the process of go-to-market in joint workshops with a strategic analysis process and determine the starting points for the optimal placement of your product in terms of design and communication. After this evaluation of the as-is situation, options are discussed in detail and the objectives of your future appearance are clearly defined.

2. Conception and Design

In order to achieve a distinctive presence for the corporate design, we can develop an individual design tailored to your profile. Using examples, we define graphic styles, image styles, text styles, and illustration styles to ensure they convey a consistent corporate image.  

3. Production and Implementation

We take care of the complete implementation and production in order to achieve the jointly defined objectives. This includes, of course, the cross-media categories such as print and screen media. Our portfolio includes a broad spectrum of advertising media such as ads and XXL print formats, to individual technical solutions such as APIs and Excel applications.