Campaign 2024

Sun protection campaign


The 2024 sun protection campaign for optovision aims to increase sales of sun protection lenses by communicating the longing for summer to customers and emphasising the versatility and styles of fashionable sunglasses lenses. 


By using different situations in various locations, we show the diversity of colours and possible uses of sunglasses lenses.

Our concept is based on three main
motifs that tell an emotional story and
take the viewer on an inspiring journey.

We also produced the video material to
make the atmosphere even more vivid.

Media package

We designed a comprehensive
marketing package comprising various
advertising materials, including posters,
giveaways and digital media.

These materials are used in a focussed
approach to address the target group
and increase consumer awareness of
solar control glass.


We chose different situations and
locations to showcase the variety of
sunglasses lenses. This allows us to
demonstrate how the glasses can be
used in different environments and


After careful planning, we travelled
to Mallorca accompanied by our
long-standing client – here is a little
insight behind the scenes.